Our Cruise of a Honeymoon

I have never been to Miami. I have never been on a cruise. I have never been out of the country. So with all these facts combined, Nathan and I decided the only way to do our honeymoon properly was to include all of these “I have nevers” into one perfect and beautiful honeymoon. We made it to our port in Miami and then jumped on the cruise ship and went cruising. We made stops to Cozumel Mexico, Costa Maya Mexico, Isla Roatan Honduras AND Grand Cayman of the beautiful English Cayman Islands. It was pretty much a dream. We ate A LOT, we partied, we say wild monkeys, we saw Mayan ruins and did lots of other cool stuff like zip lining through the jungle, playing on wave runners, and just chilling on the beach. But what was the coolest thing of all? I was with my HUSBAND!!! Pretty sweet deal right???!!! PLUS…. I got tan without burning! All and all it was so much more than I ever dreamed in a honeymoon. Thank you to my sweet husband Nathan for planning a great husband and to Mr. and Mrs. Gordon for making it possible for us to go.

So to prove I have been out of the country (since they don’t stamp your passport at each country) I took several pictures to document it…

Our view from our hotel in Miami                                  Us on Miami beach

Me touch a jellyfish                                                             Eating the UNLIMITED AND 24 HOUR FREE ICE CREAM!!!

Us in front of our cruise ship the Carnival Glory      Us on the beach of Cozumel Mexico

Nathan at Cozumel Mexico in a hammock             Me in a hammock too!

Us at the Mayan ruins                                                         The main temple at these ruins

Some beach views at Costa Maya Mexico

We went ziplining through the Jungle in Honduras…Pretty sweet…we look ridiculous

Here we are drinking real coconut milk

At Mahogany Bay in Honduras I loved this place!     Us chillin’ in the Grand Cayman water at Nine Mile Beach…prettiest water ever!

One of our many towel animals                                         Our dinner group we sat with every night!

But before we could leave we just had to take a picture with this HUGE chess set!


Us right before our second formal night! We             This is us right as we were preparing to leave our room and the cruise                    looked so GOOD!                                                                  ship. It was so hard and I seriously miss it soooo much!


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